From Scrubs to Suits: The Journey of Healthcare Professionals-Turned-Recruiters – Kelsey Buresh

Kelsey Buresh

Kelsey Buresh, an X-ray, bone density, and computed tomography technologist turned Strategic Account Manager at Malone Healthcare, discusses her experiences in the healthcare industry and the valuable insights she provides for healthcare staffing.

A Calling to Healthcare: Kelsey’s Professional Expertise

Since she was very young, Kelsey always knew she would end up in healthcare. She sought a profession that would allow her to help and care for patients while showcasing her technological expertise and savvy. “I was inspired by my mom, who has been in radiology for 35 years! I am so proud of her and her work. After realizing I didn’t want to be a nurse, I knew then that radiology was calling my name! You get the best of both worlds; you can bond with patients and build relationships.”

Kelsey has experience in various healthcare facilities, specializing in X-ray, CT, and bone density procedures. According to Kelsey, her preferred setting is inpatient, particularly with post-operative patients. Kelsey finds it gratifying to observe the recovery process and share the joy when patients are finally ready to return home. Reflecting on her experiences, she expresses pride in caring for these individuals and finds it immensely rewarding, especially during follow-up scans where she witnesses their progress 6-12 months post-operation. “I’m so proud of the individuals I’ve had the pleasure of caring for. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

Transitioning to Success: Kelsey’s Role at Malone Healthcare

After leaving healthcare, Kelsey pursued growth and found it at Malone. Now, as a Strategic Account Manager, she thrives in the staffing industry, bringing top-notch candidates to our clients and enjoying endless opportunities for professional development. Reflecting on her transition, Kelsey notes, “In the healthcare staffing industry, the opportunities are endless. I have really enjoyed the growth aspect of moving into this role.”

Kelsey promptly left a lasting impact on the Malone Healthcare team. Renowned for her unwavering dedication and tenacity, Kelsey swiftly achieved numerous milestones within the organization. Notably, she proudly earned the prestigious 5 Keys Award, a coveted recognition exclusively bestowed upon select individuals by Malone’s executive staff.

Kelsey loves the time she’s able to spend with healthcare facilities. “I find a sense of fulfillment in collaborating with my clients, serving as their primary point of contact, and leveraging my background as a healthcare professional. By delving into their daily challenges and understanding the key factors for success, I can provide valuable insights into retention and a genuine understanding of the professionals they seek.”

Recognition & Impact: Kelsey’s Achievements at Malone

Beyond winning the admiration of her clients, Kelsey has also earned esteem among Malone’s leadership. Here’s what they had to say. “Since Kelsey joined us in 2022, she’s been an invaluable asset for all our teams, including allied, nursing, and long-term care.” Robert Franey, Director of Nurse Recruitment at Malone says, “She’s viewed as a leader in all divisions. Kelsey has an insatiable hunger to make herself, and those around her, better.”

Hannah Bryant, Manager of Client Services and Kelsey’s immediate supervisor shared the following about her: “Kelsey is dedicated to growing partnerships built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect with both her clients and the recruiting team. She goes above and beyond to get candidates in front of the hiring manager and doesn’t give up on any opportunity to make a placement! Her attention to detail and follow-up is impeccable. Kelsey is professional and educational in her communication and interactions and just an overall kind person who I am thankful to know. She is an asset to the client management team and Malone as a whole!”

Leadership Perspectives: The Impact of Kelsey’s Work

Joshua Johnston, EMHL, Malone Healthcare President, discussed his experience working with Kelsey. “Kelsey is the consummate professional. She brings charisma, character, and integrity that are refreshing to see and make you feel how authentic her intentions and ambitions are to achieve positive outcomes. Kelsey also exudes a positivity that uplifts others’ spirits and is paired with a healthcare knowledge that lets you know she genuinely cares about who she is working for and with.”

Reva Baumann, Allied Division Manager, had this to say about Kelsey: “Kelsey possesses a distinctive perspective rooted in exceptional patient care, which she seamlessly extends to her clients and candidates. Renowned for her dedication and drive, Kelsey is widely acknowledged for providing unwavering support to her clients. She unequivocally sets the bar for an exceptional experience, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have her on the team.”

Get in Touch: Learn More about Kelsey and Malone Healthcare

For additional details about Kelsey or to explore her patient-centered approach to healthcare staffing, reach out to Malone Healthcare today.

Kelsey and her family reside in Omaha, Nebraska, being natives of the state. They enjoy various activities, such as exploring the renowned Henry Doorly Zoo and participating in local pursuits. During Kelsey’s leisure hours, she is often found shopping or attending cycling classes.