From Scrubs to Suits: The Journey of Healthcare Professionals-Turned-Recruiters – Jana Petty


Meet Jana Petty, a dynamic professional with substantial experience in sonography and allied recruiting. Committed to providing an unparalleled recruiting experience, she is an expert, advocate, and partner for each person she recruits.

Discovering Passion in Ultrasound Technology

Jana’s journey began in college, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. “I earned a degree in Anatomy and Physiology and continued my path into bodywork as a massage therapist.” However, everything changed when she had a chance to observe a sonographer, also known as an ultrasound technologist. “I was offered an opportunity to shadow an ultrasound tech and was fascinated seeing the body working in real-time! My natural vantage point is the bird’s eye view. My constant need to know why and how things work.” That was all it took before Jana Petty made a life-changing decision. “Two weeks later, I was in ultrasound school.”

Jana felt a calling to healthcare and was driven to immediately impact patient care. As an ultrasound tech, Jana could combine her love of anatomy with her passion for helping others.

Jana worked as an ultrasound technologist in various settings, but she quickly developed a love for outpatient settings. She felt her most significant impact was leveraging the cases she typically saw there. “Outpatient is my favorite. It lays out the largest platform of opportunity to immediately impact the patient’s experience.”

Jana quickly advanced into a leadership role, overseeing the daily operations of multiple imaging centers and a team of healthcare specialists. “Without question, servant leadership is my calling and where my joy grows.”

Transitioning Careers: From Ultrasound Tech to Healthcare Recruiter

After COVID and the overwhelming shortage of healthcare workers, Jana began seeking something different. That’s when she came across recruiting. Jana had the opportunity to combine her love of advocacy with her ability to help others. “I was looking for a company that combined integrity, great culture, and purpose. Malone’s light shines bright in all! I saw these consistent qualities with each person I spoke with at Malone.” Jana felt she had found her home and was ready to create an immediate impact, “When the right fit aligns, it’s a game-changer.”

Jana has found her passion in assisting others, discovering the perfect match, and ensuring the well-being of her travelers. “There’s nothing better than being a small part of someone living out their dreams! I have big feelings about matching people with the right position, getting the most out of their experience, and enjoying their careers. Healthcare deserves happy people and healthy patients!”

Reva Baumann, Allied Division Manager, and Jana’s direct supervisor said this about her. “Jana is an exceptionally committed and reliable recruiter, renowned for her persistence and readiness to surpass expectations. The individuals she works with mirror her qualities – devoted, motivated, and patient. We’re fortunate to have someone dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. She’s the type of person who perseveres until the task is not only completed but completed with precision.”

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Jana Petty and her better half (Jenn, Travel RN) reside in Anywhere, USA, living the RV life with their pups. In Jana’s off-time, you can find her golfing or exploring her surroundings while on assignment.