What positions do you currently have?

We work with many different clients. Usually EVS, Dietary, Administrative Assistant, General Labor, Security, etc.

What is the end date for the position?

Most of our positions are open ended.

Is this position a temp to hire position?

Some clients will offer temp to hire after 90 days.

How quickly are you looking to fill the position?

Our quickest client has a week turnaround time, but it varies depending on the client.

How long should I wait to hear back about the position?

Once submitted for a position, we usually respond back within one - two business days.

Do I need experience to apply?

We staff for a variety of positions, and some are entry level and willing to train.

Do you offer health insurance?

How do I get started?

What is a travel healthcare professional?

A travel healthcare professional is a skilled healthcare worker who takes assignments in different healthcare settings that have temporary staffing needs.

How far away do you have to travel?

There is typically no distance requirement. However, compensation packages can change based upon if you are requiring overnight lodging or just commuting from home.

Who pays for housing?

If a traveler requires lodging, then a non-taxable stipend is included in the weekly compensation. This stipend covers any costs associated with working at a location away from their home.

How long do you have to commit?

Most assignments are 8-13 weeks but can vary depending on the facility need.

Can I make my own schedule?

Each facility does scheduling differently, but typically a traveler needs to be flexible to work when the facility needs.

How do I get to my assignment location?

Most travelers opt to drive their own vehicle so that they have reliable transportation once on site. This also allows the healthcare professional to enjoy the full experience outside of work. There is often a travel reimbursement available as part of the total compensation package.

How much can I make as a traveler?

This varies greatly depending on the location and modality. Our recruiters are trained to take into consideration each traveler’s needs to maximize their compensation potential.

Do you offer health insurance?

My family has insurance through my current staff position. What will they do if I take a travel assignment?

How do I get started?