Job ID: #291455 | Oakbrook IL Healthcare

Stroger Hospital is seeking an experienced RN for their Trauma ICU.  Stroger hospital is a 450-bed teaching hospital which serves as the hub for Cook County Health for delivery of specialty and sub-specialty care. It is home to one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in the nation and the hospital’s emergency room treats approximately 120,000 adults and children annually.  This position is full-time, working every other weekend.  Candidates should have over 2 (two) years of recent acute care experience in an ICU.  This position will pay $80/hour for local candidates, $3147/week for travelers (including stipend) and includes 3 (three) 7:00pm – 7:30am shifts.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) presents a challenging set of responsibilities for an ICU Nurse.  Registered nurses (RNs) in this department work with patients who are in critical condition, requiring 24/7 care. ICU Nurses are primarily responsible for applying their nursing specialities to maintain a patient’s health and life. Common responsibilities include head-to-toe assessments, wound care, medication administration, and much more. Similarly, an ICU Nurse will chart vitals and monitor the patient’s condition to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Unlike other Registered Nurse jobs, ICU Nurses work with unstable patients that face life-threatening conditions. A patient is considered unstable when their respiratory or cardiovascular systems require constant monitoring due to their weak state. Though the daily tasks remain the same, each day is unpredictable and can result in an ICU intervention in case the patient’s body system abruptly stops.

This nursing job requires attention to detail and high critical thinking, as well as great social skills to make a patient feel comfortable. Oftentimes, nursing professionals in this field enjoy the opportunity to establish genuine connections with their patients. ICU Nurses are known for their compassion and humanity while following complex tasks in order to deliver a higher level of patient care.



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